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Fae Stormrider at the joust: by Deimos-Remus by Trench-ADF Fae Stormrider at the joust: by Deimos-Remus by Trench-ADF


This is another excellent piece of original artwork commissioned from as an interior illustration in the forthcoming new edition of… 

She raised her visor and recovered her own undamaged lance, summoning back her dragon with a commanding thought.

    Prince Hagar paused in the act of trotting back up to his end of the field, raising his visor and looking at her with grim satisfaction.

    “Still want to fight me?” he said loudly for the benefit of the crowd. He rode on without waiting for an answer and Fae re-mounted.

    “What happened?” Scott asked as she rode back and turned.

    “He did better than me,” she answered simply, lowering her visor again.

    The flag dropped and she spurred on Storm Rider with a thought.

    Prince Hagar was again aiming for that spot on her shield but she now aimed for his head. It was a legal target but easy to miss, although a solid hit could cause a knockout, or worse.

    She kept her seat in the precise same fashion as the first pass, and her shield set exactly the same, only her choice of target differed and he could not fail to see that tip aiming between his eyes.

    Prince Hagar held steady until the last moment when he raised his shield to protect his face.

    Fae leaned forward, extending her reach by a vital inch or two and angling her shield slightly as she lowered her lance’s tip.

    By raising his own shield, he exposed a tiny area of his waist and Fae felt two jarring impacts, the first being his lance deflecting off her shield with a mighty bang, and the second was her own lance smashing into the plate guarding his midriff.

    The lance exploded, or at least that was how it seemed to her. She gripped tight with her thighs but was still pummelled back in her seat. She stayed atop her dragon but the tall prince was evicted from his.

    Fae discarded the ruined remains of the lance, casting it aside, and slowed Storm Rider to a halt. She turned the beast to trot back, but stopped opposite the fallen prince, reaching back to draw the katana as he forced himself into a sitting position.

    Fae leaned over and snared the little girl’s faveur on the sword tip from where it lay amid the splinters, before tying it about her right arm where it would not get lost again.

    She raised her visor as he regained his feet and lifted his also.

    “Still want to bed me?” she said loudly, for the benefit of his wife.

    Two points all, but still she needed a point to win whereas the prince just need a point for her to lose.

    One final lance to settle the issue and the dragons once again charged.

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