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Princess Natalya and her Griff by Yuri Platov by Trench-ADF Princess Natalya and her Griff by Yuri Platov by Trench-ADF
Commissioned work in digital pencil completed by Yuri Platov… for the 'Of Demons and Blue Moons' series of Sword and Sorcery novels by Andy Farman
Many thanks to Ms Natalia Andreeva, aka, Delilah G, aka, Danica, for her permission to use her likeness.

(A Griff is a Griffin/Dragon hybrid)

From somewhere close by, hidden by the cloud, he heard a female laughing, but it was neither Fae’s nor Clover’s voice, and a shiver ran down his spine as he remembered Lilith’s laughter in the fog at Wapping.
The cloud thinned and he suddenly found himself looking at a stunningly beautiful girl, her long hair streaming behind her, but she was not mounted on any kind of dragon that he had ever seen before. It was much smaller, and its belly was covered in fine, colourful, downy feathers. In addition to these variances, the bipedal legs, albeit covered in scales, resembled those of a big cats hindquarters. Those powerful legs ended in vicious talons, the like of which he had only ever seen on great eagles.
It’s rider was watching him with amusement, her tanned skin shining wet with water vapour so that it looked oiled. She wore no armour, just a thin, tiny leather loin cloth and a brief leather halter covering her breasts. Her legs were clad in the same type of high thigh boots as dragon riders wore as protection against the beasts sharp edged scales. 
The creature she rode was not burdened with wicker panniers, but rather by saddle bags and boiled leather sleeves for spears and swords.
She grinned at him and blew a kiss before spurring on her mount, and as it drew ahead he was surprised to see a shield strapped behind the saddle, one that bore the inverted Griffin of Paladin.
Only now did Scott realise that he was boxed in by more of these beasts and their riders, all of whom were female and all seemingly equipped with the same shields.
“Scott,” Fae's voice sounded in his head. “It seems that we have fallen into a well-planned ambush. There were already a score of them waiting in the clouds below us.”
“So we were Grouse driven onto the guns, then,” he stated, “and yet the gun line have not armed themselves.”
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rpgstilltheend Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017
For me nothing beats a beautiful woman riding a dragon when it comes to fantasy women. And I love the expression on her face.
Trench-ADF Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017
Thank you for the feedback.
I am glad I found Yuri Platov and I hope to have more from him with the different book characters and dragons. 
rpgstilltheend Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017
So is she not the only female dragonrider in the book?
Trench-ADF Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017
Originally, my supernatural world had a few wild dragons, but then Katya Clover also agreed to allow her image to be referenced as a character and her 'fee' was to be depicted naked on a dragon in flight. It got me thinking, and pretty soon dragons, not horses, were the essential mount of warriors and knights in armour.
The BIG problem with having dragons in illustrations ( 6" x 9" page) is that they are BIG, so your character is either a tiny dot on its back, or you only see the bit of the dragon that your recognisable character is sitting on. 

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Fae - Dragonrider: by Deimos-Remus by Trench-ADF
but there will be more from Yuri in the next two books in the series 
rpgstilltheend Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017
I already have that pic of the naked woman on her dragon saved to one of my folders. In fact I have a lot of pic on both DA and Pinterest of female dragonriders, most of them clothed, but no shortage of them eather topless or totallly nude. Seeing them ride bareback gives it a more natural look for me.
Trench-ADF Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017
Fae, in full armour is next on the list.
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